Go in the draw for 1 Million Velocity Frequent Flyer Points when you get an eligible service with MIDAS.

You will also receive 6,000 Bonus Velocity Frequent Flyer Points for all eligible services (excluding parts) from 19 November till 30th December! Get an eligible service and you could be off for the trip of a lifetime! Service with MIDAS today to go in the draw for 1 Million Velocity Points. Book Online Today! 

Midas is a trusted household name with over 40 years experience in the Australian Market. Initially establishing itself as an exhaust and muffler specialist, we’ve become the auto service experts specialising in car service, brakes, suspension and, yes of course, exhausts. There are currently over 88 Midas Auto Service Expert centres across Australia, with a mix of company and franchise owned stores. The Midas brand is synonymous with high quality, trust and attention to customer needs. We offer down-to-earth pricing, with no ‘ifs’ or ‘buts’. We want you to know where you stand – by clearly outlining your service options, and enabling you to pay for your service over time. We manage one of the country's largest networks of auto service centres, and we are committed to expanding our services whenever we can – to create a better and more transparent offering for our customers.

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